Thanks for visiting my webpage. I’m a writer and editor with nearly 100 published works in print and digital media. I tend to write about literature, culture, and families, but I also have experience in technical and grants writing and editing as well as business communications (SEO blog/ webpage writing) and freelance editing/ ¬†proofreading projects. ¬†I’ve worked in the media, for university presses, and for businesses.

Some people ask me about the photograph below. What is it? And do I know that it’s not exactly in focus? I took this photo two years ago in the Mar Elias refugee camp in Beirut, Lebanon. I had an appointment to meet with an attorney and educational consultant whose office is located in the heart of this camp. These two boys were kind enough to lead me through the narrow, twisted pathways to my destination because otherwise, I would never have found it. As you might guess, I struggled to keep up with them, because I was too overcome by my surroundings.